Vitamin A Cream

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Vitamin A cream has been used very successfully to treat many different medical conditions. Vitamin A has been successfully used to treat wrinkles, acne, dry eyes, and to improve the immune system. It is very important to consult a medical professional before using vitamin A to treat any condition. The human body can only store a specified amount of vitamin A in the fat tissue. If too much vitamin A is taken, the body will begin to store it in the liver causing damage.

The most successful vitamin A creams are only available by prescription. This is so that doctors can monitor the dose a patient is receiving and can prevent damage done by toxic levels. The most popular versions of the prescription version of vitamin A cream include Retin A, Differin gel, and Avita gel and cream. Vitamin A creams have been successful in the treatment of wrinkles, dry eyes, oily skin, acne, flat warts, psoriasis, and actinic keratoses. Vitamin A has been successful in treating comedonal forms of acne, also known as blackheads.

Vitamin A helps to remove the keratin plugs that cause blackheads to form. Vitamin A also decreases inflammatory papules that plug up the skin. This same affect is seen with shaving bumps by smoothing out the hair follicle bumps. Vitamin A has been reported to increase the production of collagen fibers. Increasing the number of collagen fibers assist with the overall reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin A creams are available in several delivery mechanisms. Vitamin A can be found in creams which help to hydrate the skin and gels that help to dry out the skin. Vitamin A solutions help speed up the drying agent for people that have oily skin, People that have very sensitive skin may need to have vitamin A prepared in a special base that will not increase the irritation while treating the skin condition.

Vitamin A cream provides many beneficial treatments for tough skin and dermatological conditions. These creams can be found in over the counter and prescription versions. For the best results, it is recommended that you seek the care of a dermatologist or doctor to help you determine the correct strength, delivery method, and duration of treatment.

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